Facebook page SEO guide

What is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means to optimize the webpages so that they can be easily fetched by the google or other search engines.

There are millions of people using social networking sites like Facebook for promoting their websites and their online businesses. Facebook allows its users to create their facebook page to promote their businesses online. More are the number of likes to your page more popular your page and more will be the traffic to your website.So it is important to perform the facebook page SEO so that it is easy for customers to find your page and easy for you to promote your business.

What SEO do

The work of search engine is to give the best result for the query entered by users. These queries are called keywords. We enter a keyword in the search bar and the search engine tries to get the website that has a great content according to that keyword and the website that offer the best user support for that product.

Working of search engines

Search engines do this by using very complex algorithms. These algorithms play a very important role in providing the best quality webpages and search results to the user. There are many other factors that are considered to know which website is providing good quality information about the key word entered. Along with that the search results are based on the strategy that what the user may be thinking when entering the keyword. For Example if a user enters a keyword car user may ne wanting the information about a specific model of a car and he may purchase it. The search engine will give links providing information about the car and the next link may be giving the option to purchase the car.


Ranking specifies which link is how much important and is offering quality information to the user. The websites having high number of ranking are pushed up the search page. The page having maximum number of links have the highest ranking the higher will be its position on search results.

Building your facebook page:

To build your facebook page go to www.facebook.com/pages/create.php and if you dont know how to create a facebook page or having some question regarding to it then facebook has also designed a frequently asked question section http://www.facebook.com/help/pages

Create a page:

Select the category of page according to your requirement. Lets select company, organization or institution category

facebook create page Facebook page SEO guide select category Facebook page SEO guide


In next step after you click get started facebook will ask you to enter a unique page address name so that your page can be uniquely identified over the Facebook give that page the name of your organization, school. Band or whatever your page is related to. It makes it easier for people to find your page. Also write the detail about your page in the about section of your page. The about section tell the user that what your page is all about and what is your aim or goal for creating this page.

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