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India Awards

What is Award?? An award is something given to a person individually or group of people for their excellence achievement in particular field. Awards are given as trophies, titles, certificates. In some cases monetary prize is also given to the recipient. Various Indian Honour Awards


How to install Java on Ubuntu

Java is the most required platform in every OS in order to execute your applications.In Ubuntu,there are many apps that have dependency on Java,so here is the quick tutorial about how to install Java in Ubuntu. Installation of Default JDK and JRE: This is the


Apple announces iOS 8, OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite The next Mac system will be named Yosemite, after the national park, now that Apple is naming it after California locales rather than cats. You’ll be able to search for content on the computer and on the Internet at once, similar to

make money from youtube

How to make money on youtube

YouTube is the top ranked highest visited websites in 2013. People who are surfing Internet day-to-day, always visiting YouTube for watching videos for learning, for entertainment etc. YouTube is owned by Google and have Largest Video collection. People from different country shares tons of videos

Samsung z

Samsung launch Tizen based Smartphone Samsung Z

South Korean giant Samsung introduced Industries first Tizen based smartphone the Samsung Z in a bid to reduce its dependability on Google’s Android. Tizen based smartphone Samsung Z will be showcased at the Tizen Developer Conference, San Francisco and it will be available in Russia


How to Install or Uninstall .deb files in Linux

In Linux .deb files stands for Debian package files.All the applications which you want to run in Ubuntu comes with .deb extension,it is so because Ubuntu has close relations with Debian GNU/Linux distribution.You need to have administrator(root) permissions in order to execute .deb file.  

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GO Launcher Updated to Version 5

GO Launcher, one of the most popular 3rd party launchers around, received a major UI and UX update to version 5.0 today. As the GO team puts it, the new update makes for a “simple and intelligent new mobile experience.” The UI has been flattened,